Travel bucket list

I love to organize and get things done, and the most satisfying thing is crossing something off a list. It makes me feel accomplished and proud, and usually leaves me wanting to do more. I decided to make a travel goals/bucket list for this abroad trip and for life. I will electronically cross off items as I accomplish them, and I’m sure I’ll continue to add throughout my travels.


January-April 2015: Semester-long goals (happy to say I completed all of these!)

  • Send out a blog post approximately once a week.
  • Form individual relationships with every person on my program, including the traveling staff.
  • Learn the basics of each language and try to improve my vocabulary throughout each country (except the basics of Spanish – I’ve taken it for 5 semesters, hopefully way past the basics, so I really want to solidify my speaking skills in Argentina).
    • Try lots of new foods, especially if I won’t have the chance to have them at home.
    • Cook with each of my host families at least once.
    • Don a traditional outfit in each country.
    • Do something really touristy in each country
    • Do something crazily spontaneous in each country.
    • Visit areas outside of our main location.
    • Visit at least a few museums in each country.

New Orleans

  • See the Mardi Gras floats
  • Go out with friends to local bars/clubs
  • Do something crazy on Bourbon Street
  • See a King Cake/beignets
  • Listen to live jazz music


  • Eat pho
  • Ride a motorbike
  • Run around a beautiful lake (but too much smog…does a rice paddy count?)
  • Visit the Temple of Literature and Ha Long Bay
  • Hang out with Vietnamese students
  • Go to a Vietnamese club (do they exist?) [update: it’s mostly karaoke]
  • Ride bikes
  • Visit a Buddhist temple

South Africa

  • Hike Table Mountain
  • See wild animals (from afar) in Kruger National Park.
  • Explore Cape Town and Johannesburg
  • Go on a really long hike with friends (many!)
  • Safari?? (twice!!)


  • Drink mate
  • Take Tango lessons
  • Go out until the wee hours of the morning
  • Speak only Spanish with host family 
  • Go wine tasting 



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